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Isobel Hall Cert. Hyp. C.S.

Hi! I’m Isobel, the practitioner behind Mindset Maker. 
Congratulations on taking the first step of your journey to a healthier mindset- asking for help is the hardest part for many people. If a problem has taken on a life of its own, it is likely to be draining your energy and getting in the way of your happiness and success.                 
I use Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help people achieve things their subconscious minds believe they can’t. These techniques have been life changing for me, and have enabled so many people to take back control of their careers, relationships, bodies and minds. I love seeing people making themselves a priority and investing in themselves. If you’re ready, contact me for a chat!


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What I do

I am a professional Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

When we want to make a change, old habits and patterns can hold us back- and when change happens TO us, our old patters and beliefs can get in the way of us going with the flow of life. We can get stuck in a mindset that doesn’t allow for growth, and the roots of this lie deep in the subconscious. 

Nobody deserves to be held back from happiness and success because their anxieties are taking over their lives. If the problem has taken on a life of its own, then its time to take back control . 

Together we can figure out what your goals are, the mindset required to reach them, and what problems may need to be addressed in order to do this.

Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can be used to align your subconscious needs with your conscious desires, creating a mindset free of self sabotage. These techniques are incredibly useful and effective for weight loss, changing negative habits, stress and anxiety, insomnia and better sleep, and self esteem. They are also commonly used for pain management and sports performance. 


What is Hypnotherapy?

During hypnosis you are always in control, conscious and aware of your surroundings. 

Hypnosis is a safe, altered, and focused state of awareness and deep relaxation. It helps to slow down the self-critical part of the mind and can bring about powerful change much more quickly than other types of therapy.

Anyone can enter a state of hypnosis if they wish to do so, to help with negative habits, losing weight, self-esteem or anxiety issues. 

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind and taps into the subconscious, making it possible to ‘reprogram’ thought patterns, eliminate negative behaviours and introduce healthier, happier behaviours into your life.

Healing through altered states of awareness such as hypnosis is an ancient phenomenon that can be found in almost every culture in the world.


What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro = Neurology

Linguistic = Language

Programming=The way in which your neural language functions

Using NLP in therapy helps you recognise the language of your own mind and accelerates personal development. NLP uses perceptual, behavioural and communication techniques to program our minds for success.



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Getting Started

What you need to know

How do I pay for therapy?

An initial phone consultation is free.

Subsequent sessions are £50 or £40 for telephone/ online sessions. 

 Payment can be made through card, cash or bank transfer.

Is therapy confidential?

Yes – It is crucial that you feel your information is safe and secure with your therapist. 

I abide by the code of ethics outlined by the National Counselling Society and National Hypnotherapy Society.


Is this the right therapist for me?

A free phone consultation will help us decide if this is the right time, place and therapist for you. Everyone is different.

I only take on clients for whom I believe therapy will be effective, and though I cover a wide variety of issues from anxiety to weight loss to exam performance, I will gladly refer you to another therapist I know if I believe you will achieve better results elsewhere.